Monday, January 31, 2005


Like opening a Broadway play in New Haven, the 2005 cast of Long Beach State baseball went on the road to work out the kinks in their new production, won the series from Arizona State and got rave reviews from a mob of pro scouts.

It was an inspiring opening in Arizona that included what wedding planners call “something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue”. The “old” were returning stars like the infield workers Troy Tulowitzki, Chuck Sindlinger and Danny Mocny supporting the mound work of Cesar Ramos and set-up and shut-down relievers Brian Anderson, Neil Jamison and Brett Andrade.

The “new” came in the form of outstanding pitching from new guys Cody Evans and Marco Estrada and an out-of-no where reliever named Steve Hammond. The offense also came up with some new muscle in JUCOs Evan Longoria, Jordan Struble and freshman surprise Jose Hernandez.

The “borrowed” was the traditional move ‘em over and hit ‘em in offense that the Bags have used in the past that ain’t perfect yet but has outstanding promise. In the mind of hitting coach Don Barbara there are still too many runner’s left on and too many strikeouts but 24 runs in three games from the ninth ranked Sun Devils at their place is evidence that the future is bright.

Last of all is the blue and that can only mean the Pac Ten umpiring which was scarier to me than anything the Devils did. But let’s get back to the future and that would mean this weekend’s Friday o Sunday visit from Saint Mary’s. The Gaels finished the 2004 season struggling with a 14-41 overall record and a 7-23 conference record. SMC did however develop some talent for this season principally Sam Carter and Delaney Gallagher who had outstanding sophomore campaigns.

CATCH UP DUST—The other Friday night option is men’s volleyball which had a pair of nail bitters last week on the road, a five game win over USC and a five game loss to Pepperdine. With a 4-2 record the lads return to the Pyramid on Friday Night to host UCSD at 7:30 pm.

Also in the desert last weekend is a veteran stat man for the Beach Dick Hindman who is also active in the racing biz at Irwindale and for selected national races such as the Copper Classic last weekend in Phoenix. A lot of left turns and not as many turnovers as the Pyramid runners he watched for years.

Almost over-shadowed in the Bobby Crosby excitiement is the bright prospects for Jeremy Reed now in the employ of the Seattle Mariners. The Seattle papers expect JR to be the everyday center fielder, “playing the same position for the same team of his childhood idol, Ken Griffey Jr. "A lot of guys are penned in," said M's general manager Bill Bavasi.”We've penciled him in."

And although they don’t get much Big West love Cal Poly won their series at UCLA and the Mustangs are now 5-1. Most everybody else gets going this weekend or next.

Last Add Famous Names--While the Niner pitching pretty well collared the two Arizona State all Americans Travis Buck and Jeff Larish (a combined 7-24 with zero RBIs) the attraction of these two plus Tulo, Cesar and Neil caused a traffic jam of scouts behind the dugouts at ASU. One of them, a Scott Boras aide, said that he expects the super agent to get the Jered Weaver deal done, “real soon.” Then he said that Tulowitzki is so promising that he “needs the protection that Scott can give him.” And I said that Troy needs a senior year at LBSU. I guess we’re both greedy.--DR. DAN

Friday, January 28, 2005


It was about 6:29 p.m. Wednesday night when Mike Weathers climbed up to his broadcast booth at Cirevello’s and began to think out loud about this 2005 Dirtbag duel in the desert with Arizona State. “Well they are our first three games but we still have to play 53 more.” Believe that if you like but this coach and this team has been on a slow simmer since the late afternoon of Sunday June 13 then the Beach boys left ten on in a one-run come from ahead loss to the other Arizona school. In the other dugout the Devils have been chomping on their pitchforks since that other Big West school schooled them again to end their Omaha run. For the third time in the last four years, ASU had its season come to a disappointing (this time 5 zip) end in the NCAA Tournament at Goodwin Field.

“All that is in the past” the LB skipper would say when asked again “what happened” and he and his team mean it. The latest Ace that Weathers and pitching czar Troy Buckley pull from their rich mound deck is Cesar Ramos and his USA team resume was impressive and valuable. “We played in front of some really big crowds, especially in the God Medal game so I can handle this crowd and I think our guys can too.” There is experienced all over the line-up at least for tonight. Tito Cruz gets the dish duties with Godfrey and Bradley ready at first, Chuck and Tulo in the middle infield and Mocny at Third. Only Jamie Huizar and his potent lefthanded bat is new in the outfield working left while Boats and the Mouse cover CF and RF. The other news from the Wednesday chat was that Neil Jamison is done with his starter audition and will close with Anderson and Andrade setting up like last year’s 40 win team. Now tomorrow and Sunday may be a big more of an adventure when two brand new Niners get the mound duty, Cody Evans on Saturday and Marco Estrada for Sunday. ASU as you know is ranked 9 and 11 compared to the Beach’s 14 and 17 and both squads have a pair of pre-season all Americans. To build the opening night fever the Devils will salute former ASU catcher Paul Lo Duca, ex Dodger and now Marlin, by retiring, or outfield fencing, his number in a special pre game ceremony Friday night... Arizona State had a pair of players named to the various all teams junior right fielder Travis Buck and senior third baseman Jeff Larish …Larish was voted as having the "best strike zone discipline" and Buck was voted as having the "best outfield arm" and as being the "best all-around athlete" in the PAC 10… Buck was also named the Pac-10's No. 3 prospect for the 2005 MLB Draft…. The Sun Devils last played the 49ers during the 2003 season, winning two of three games at Blair…….after enduring an emotional 11-5 loss in the series opener, ASU won the next two games, 3-0 and 4-2 the later win credited to then freshman left-hander Erik Averill who works again tonight… In 46 career games and 19 starts, Averill has posted a career 12-6 record with a 4.38 ERA in 162.1 IP…he is a native of Orange and spent most of last season pitching out of the bullpen, going 4-4 with two saves and a 5.19 ERA….he has a good summer in the Cape Cod League with the Orleans Cardinals going 5-3 with a 1.70 ERA and 62 strikeouts and only 15 walks in 63.2 innings…. Jason Urquidez, goes for Murphy’s men on Saturday and Brett Bordes on Sunday…Weathers likes using” bookends, lefties on Friday and Sunday” around the powerful Evans on Saturday…Urquidez on paper is the best Devil pitcher but it is said that he has trouble pitching a night hence the day time duty.

BACK TO THE BASES DUST--Baseball America has a feature running in which they remind you that LBSU has the 3rd highest number of alumni major league players (11) with the rest of the top ten looking like this: 14 from Southern California 12 from Stanford; 11 also from Fullerton, and 10 each from Florida State; Louisiana State; Miami; Oklahoma; Texas and perennially under-achieving UCLA. Nice list huh. So how and why does this happen, well as one of my numerically-impaired web guys BeachDawg likes to say, “Three reasons: Tradition, Location, and Academia. Oh, and hot chicks.”…Speaking of hot newcomers one of this year’s new guys may have an odd showbiz connection. It seems that new hitting hero and sometimes shortstop Evan Longoria has a name similar to a “Desperate Housewife” character named Eva Longoria! She hits on the gardener in case you missed that episode and Evan hits just about anything the other guy throws. the Devil’s their due in hoops Serge Angounou scored 18 points and grabbed 10 rebounds to give Arizona State a 68-62 win over Washington State on last night and kept the locals in a good mood as they improved their record to 15-5, 4-4 and . Following the season-opening weekend series against LBSU, the Devils will host New Mexico State, Gonzaga and Oregon State for the annual Bob Schaefer Memorial Tournament at Packard Stadium (Feb. 3-7) while the Bags home open with St. Mary’s at Blair….the Bags warmed up last weekend with a fancy Lead Off dinner and then beat their Pro Alums 7-2. At the supper key-noter Bobby Crosby (whose banquet crowd count out-drew Jason Giambi) was asked how long he thought it would take for super pitcher Jered Weaver to sign? “Hey I’ve got to hit against him so I hope it takes three or four years.”….our hometown lads bussed over from Blair about 9 a.m. and a short 1:15 workout last night just like the format at Regionals…add Weathers to the list of guys who thought that Larish should have signed last year, “so we wouldn’t have to face him this year… he says he is dedicated to showing MLB he's worth higher than a 13th round pick….
last add baseball stuff, 2008 is now the earliest that the NCAA would install a uniform start date, likely the middle of February to appease the cold weather whiners up north…and how about SLO… For the second time in three games, the University of San Diego committed five errors. Cal Poly took advantage by scoring five unearned runs Sunday en route to a 10-6 victory and completing a three-game series sweep against the Toreros at Cunningham Stadium….switching to sneakers, on a go figure Thursday the front running women’s basketball team lost at Idaho and the men’s volleyball bunch went down 16-14 in game five at Pepperdine…BUT…Jibril Hodges’ running eight-foot floater with 8.8 seconds left on the clock proved to be the winning points as the Long Beach State men snapped an eight-game losing skid with a 53-52 Big West Conference win over Idaho on Thursday evening at The Pyramid….back outside the Long Beach State softball team was picked to win the Big West Conference, according to the 2005 Pre-Season Coaches Poll released Wednesday and are ranked No. 19 in the Softball preseason poll and No. 20 in the USA Today/NFCA preseason rankings….that would make LBSU one of a select few schools with top 20 teams in both diamond sports…and on our celeb watch list Bobby Crosby expects to drop by as do less wealthy pals Steve Holton, who really boosted baseball as an Associate AD years ago at the Beach and Sean Pyatt who stirred the Niner marketing pot before returning to the desert—DR. DAN

Monday, January 24, 2005

The Number-Is-Up Edition of Our Way Too Popular Notes on My Napkin

We begin with the fascination by society with all things sporting. The market is up or down, the red states won or lost, but fans remain fanatic about the sporting outcomes of their favorite teams.

For Beach basketball one team is in the penthouse and the other is in the, well back in West Virginia it was a place where we used to go outside and take a Sear’s catalog. The Beach women are a virtual lock to finish first or second and get a bye until the semi’s of the Big West tournament on March 11. If Mary’s gals beat UCSB and Idaho in the regular season we get the hardware but there will be only one NCAA bid so a neutral court rematch with the Gaucho’s is certain and a two game tourney is a lot better than four game tourney.

Meanwhile any kind of invite would be fine for the 49er gentlemen. Larry’s lads as you know are struggling and are almost certain to get locked out of the post season BWC party for the third straight season. For the numerologists, with 11 wins already this season the ladies of hoop have as many victories in a half season as the men did in the first two years combined. Add a couple of more W’s this weekend and you get the feeling that Ms. Hegarty and her lucky dime are back to being the hot Beach front property.

Ironically Associate AD Cindy Masner had to battle to get Hegarty the job when Dallas Bolla was dispatched and insiders were pressuring for Cal Poly Pomona coach Paul Thomas who like Reynold’s had a great D-2 resume.

BACK TO THE BASES DUST--Baseball America has a feature running in which they remind you that LBSU has the 3rd highest number of alumni major league players (11) with the rest of the top ten looking like this: 14 from Southern California
12 from Stanford; 11 also from Fullerton, and 10 each from Florida State; Louisiana State; Miami; Oklahoma; Texas and perennially under-achieving UCLA. Nice list huh. So how and why does this happen, well as one of my numerically-impaired web guys BeachDawg likes to say, “Three reasons: Tradition, Location, and Academia. Oh, and hot chicks.”

Speaking of hot newcomers one of this year’s list of baseball newcomers may have an odd showbiz connection. It seems that new hitting hero and sometimes shortstop Evan Longoria has a name similar to a “Desperate Housewife” character named Eva Longoria! She hits on the gardener in case you missed that episode and Evan hits just about anything the other guy throws.

Last Add Programming the Palm Pilot. Here are the LB events this week home and away. Thursday Women’s Basketball at Idaho, Men’s Volleyball at Pepperdine and Men’s Basketball hosting. Idaho. On Friday Women’s Tennis is at San Diego State and baseball opens that Friday to Sunday series at Arizona State On Saturday the track team is at an All Day Indoor meet in Washington, Women’s Tennis home opens vs. Northern Arizona, Softball scrimmages with their Alumni, Women’s Basketball is at Utah State, Men’s Volleyball visits USC and Men’s Basketball hosts Utah State.

The most anticipated even is the 2005 Dirtbag debut in Tempe for a date with the Devils. ASU is ranked 9 and 11 compared to the Beach’s 14 and 17 and both squads have a pair of pre-season all Americans. Former ASU catcher Paul Lo Duca, ex Dodger and now Marlin, will have his number retired in a special pre game ceremony Friday night. The Bags warmed up last weekend with a fancy Lead Off dinner and then beat their Pro Alums 7-2. At the supper key-noter Bobby Crosby (whose banquet crowd count out-drew Jason Giambi) was asked how long he thought it would take for super pitcher Jered Weaver to sign? “Hey I’ve got to hit against him so I hope it takes three or four years.”—DR. DAN

Sunday, January 16, 2005

Running with the Big West Coaches on Media Day

The following are just for fun recollections of Media Day at LBSU. Please no wagering or posting of material on locker room bulletin boards!


Serrano led off and broke the record for longest 4-6 minute talk-he’s excited, says he has 6-7 pitchers but admits that losing Brett Smith is big in the leadership area…the Eaters lost 10 of their last 13 and Serrano thinks that game one of the CSUF series killed their morale...they open at Cal then host Wash and BYU before traveling to Clemson…and that odd home and home with Dallas Baptist continues…LB goes there this year


Savage nation moves north and he praised the good baseball crowds of 2,000 plus around the area…wonder he knows about Bruin attendance….says he will work on the student body...oh yes he has a football player (sp) Jared Page that will come out this spring…


no shows—bad roads maybe…SB still has a soft non-conf sked, Westmonts, SJSU, ORU and Davis and SLO does too—USF, SJSU, , Davis and SAC State but BA has them 3rd and making the post season


It was a pity party for Rich Hill who everybody loves and whose team should have made the post last year…this year they will suffer from the record 9 guys that signed pro deals…they open next week with SLO then play Hilo over there 6 times….


Coach Rodriquez also has weather issues, only one road to Malibu campus is open but he says that the Waves looked great in their team picture…he signed a ton of pitchers after he had a shot of derailing CSUF but ran out of pitchers and lost twice on the Sunday 15-1 and 16-3…their crack SID Al Barba-no relation- has this cumulative stat from 1979 to 2004 where the Waves are just a skosh behind the Titans with a 1006-523 mark compared to the Nutwooders 1158-493…but ah the view…the rest of the list has USC, CSUN-not a typo, LBSU, UCLA, UCSB, LMU and UCI Missing a few seasons but still only 477-511-2


Frank Cruz praised all the local kids who helped his USA national team win the gold medal and has his team—which he calls—LMU of LA on the Hill Near the Ocean—picked to win the WCC…he said that the team looked real good in the gym but is worried now that they are outside...they don’t open til Feb 11 and have their first ten at home…

UCR just a youngster in his mid fifties, new UCR Coach Doug Smith spent 25 years with his pal Smitheran before getting the corner dugout seat this year…good news for the Beach is that the series is at Blair and thus no 91 horror show…plus most of the good pitchers are gone plus powerful Tony Festa


The good news is that they have broken ground for the Tigers new baseball complex, The Klein Family Field…now if the waters subside they can find the buoys and get busy….the Tiger boys however are still not as good as their coaches so another long season on the rebuild…


George relishes telling the story of how his team went from 15-16 to almost a handshake from Augie after the CWS…the Titan staff claims they will be back again and might buy that house they rent saying “we should be here every year….”…George will be loaded losing only four regulars and two coaches, Serrano and Chad Baum to UCI…now he has some many guys around the BWC he said, “everybody else knows our signs better than we do…”they have their first 6 a home, Stanford and Fresno but will face pre-season #1 Tulane in New Orleans …Romero vs. Ramos should be a great Friday face-off but both teams lost stud catchers so that will be an adventure…the Beach won 2-3 there and was swept in LB but still, almost, if, but….joined them in Nebraska where Weaver, Vargas and Ramos would have brought home the trophy


All Steve Rousey could say was that has the stat to back up the claim that the area has tough coaches/recruiters—“I am 33-80 against them.” Light a candle but enjoy the home run show which led the West with 60 bombs…the Beach had 36


Gillespie won the Dangerfield award with an assortment of digs and quips…”we are bringing in Norm Chow to coach our offense, he’s not busy in the spring…”on slugger Jeff Clement, if you like home runs come see this guy but some early, he hits them in batting practice because we don’t throw him and curve balls or outside pitches…and oh yes, I don’t like all you guys in the media who kept writing about Jered Weaver...must have been 47 stories and they all said how hw struck out the first ten Trojans he faced”…all but one of the SC recruits are pure freshmen…and Kennedy, Ian, will make alums forget Bush—Reggie…


We Told Tony Gwynn that we won some bets on him still being a college coach in 2005 and he says “I like it and I am beginning to figure it out…in my first game against Long Beach they bunted three straight times on me but we are getting our program going”…and he does play at his own named yard. the Aztecs missed the post season late with a tourney loss to UNLV after winning the regular season but the Mountain West doesn’t get much NCAA love…they host Texas for 3 to open the season and come to Long Beach the end of Feb…

There you go that out to put you to sleep…

Dr. Dan


Welcome to our middle of the month session of “picks and pans”.

On the pans’ side we visit the continuing concern about men’s basketball in general and their heart and toughness in particular. A former student manager back in the Morgan days recalled a game at UCSB where, well let Viktor tell the story.

“When we entered the thunder gym for the pre-game warm up, the court was wet (mopped, but no one dried it). We stood around for 5 minutes. Nacho managers etc. saw us, knew we wanted to shoot, but no one greeted us or dried the floor. I then walked ("stormed" may be a better word) into their locker/equipment room, and asked them when someone will dry the floor so that we can warm up.”

“I received a weak, lackadaisical response. I then demanded the ball rack and some towels. After taking the items, I walked onto the hardwood and started drying the floor with towels under my feet. You should have seen the look on the Nachos' faces. We took over their gym within 5 minutes, and never gave it back!” Suffice to say he doesn’t see that now.

Back to picks, you should limo yourself over to Cirivello's Restaurant and Sports Bar on Wednesday, January 26th from 5-7 pm for the next session of “Coach Chat”. All the spring time skippers will be there and you can quiz them like you were a famous columnist and enjoy the Happy Hour and finger foods.

Another pick is Beach Tennis ranked # 58 to open the 2005 NCAA women's tennis season opens Friday at No. 7 USC. Senior Nicole Bouffler also earned a national-ranking, checking in at No. 113 and is the best of the Beach ladies and the schedule is great with nationally ranked Fresno State, Oregon, Penn, Cal Poly and Nebraska coming to campus.

A major pan to the parking administration pan handlers in front of the Pyramid. They have upped to right to land on paid-for state property from three bucks to five and some folks wonder why it is hard to build attendance. I support keeping the blue and red curbs clear but this is one revenue sport that is out of control.

A pan I share with Dan Le Batard of the Miami Herald who sums up my idea on the Matt Leinhart stay-in-school decision. “Student-athletes with pro potential should get paid as quickly as they can because this savage game doesn't offer any guarantees beyond that you will eventually get hurt playing it. And, besides, they're all getting used by a system that gives them no voice (adult coaches can skip out on contracts but the poor kids are penalized a year if they want to transfer) and no alternative as the NFL plows and protects the plantation that is its beloved minor-league system.”

Another pan and this isn’t what you hear when they are selling season hoop tickets. The grind it out style of the 49ers upsets more than just the home folks. This quote from a recent and victorious men’s basketball coach on playing Long Beach, “all of there games are ugly” won!

Closing Footnote after the women fast broke UCR Saturday night. Why do I think that somebody at LBSU has turned the calendar back two decades to 1985 when it was women’s basketball that kept the Niner Nation out of intensive care while the men suffered with six losing seasons in a row including a 4-23 Ron Palmer flop. In the same era the fast breaking women had six seasons of 24 or more wins, a shelf full of BWC trophies and two Final Fours.

Last add, hope to see you all tonight (Thursday) at the baseball Lead Off dinner and the Pro Alum fun at Blair starting at 11 on Saturday.–DR. DAN

Sunday, January 09, 2005


He could give a lecture on the periodic table of elements with his eyes closed. He begins his day inspiring kids with coke bottle glasses and pocket protectors. But like Spiderman and Superman, when our latest super hero pops into the parking lot and finds his SUV with the personalized VBalPlyr plate, Long Beach State’s Andy Read makes a startling transformation.

Say goodbye to the gentle and patient science teacher and hello to one of the great volleyball minds in the nation and now the USA Volleyball Development Coach of the Year. This past summer Andy coached the USA Boy’s Youth National Team to a gold medal in Mexico City, the latest entry in a resume full of international success.

This year he has two 49er products to be especially proud of, the best setter in the nation in Tyler Hildebrand and a kid he coached back at Marina High in the late ‘80’s, then a raw-boned and un-refined front court hitter named Alan Knipe who would key the Beach first NCAA title and who last month was named national coach of the year. Oh, yes, as a volunteer assistant, the amazing and tireless Andy Read is the best bargain at the Beach.

DRYING OUT DUST—These good words from Niner skipper Mike Weathers about the outlook for more Fun Friday’s at Blair. "Cesar Ramos is capable of the same Friday night's as former All-Americans Abe Alvarez and Jered Weaver

The Bags also return Neal Jamison, the team's closer last year after two years as a setup man and at one point last year he led the nation in saves. Jamison stumbled in the super regional, was drafted in the eighth round by the Mets but chose to return to LBSU for his senior season. The Dirtbags open the season January 28 at Arizona State after the team's Leadoff Dinner, featuring American League Rookie of the Year Bobby Crosby on January 20, and the team's alumni game on January 22.

Looking far ahead, doesn’t it always seem that the words post-season and Stanford go together? In which case you might be interested in knowing that the Cardinal will finish the regular season at USC which might or might not mean something. The Beach finish the weekend before at CSUF which also marks the return of the former KWRM Titan baseball voice Rob Buska to his old broadcast booth. Buska is always well prepared and will do every Dirtbag game this season.

Just name dropping. These early records for former Niner basketball coaches Seth Greenberg (6-6) and Wayne Morgan (8-4). The queen of the Niner athletic staff Pat West is off her feet for a while rehabbing after one of those complete knee replacements but may show when the first place ladies hoopsters start a four game home stand Thursday at the Mid.

Lots of press and actually a break in the weather for the wedding of Dirtbag first baseman Mike Hofius and his number one fan and now his new boss, Lindsay Hamblin. They got hitched Saturday between showers at a well-rinsed Blair Field.

Rumor milling. I had to chuckle at Niner Dave on one of those web chat rooms when after reading the whines of disgruntled men’s hoop fans noted that some guy suggested that old alum Mike Montgomery, he of the $10 mill NBA job, come back to his alma mater. NinerDave then said,” You probably thought we'd get George Allen too. Oh, that's right, we did! “

More cyber cynics, this one is from CSUN who had to endure those “state school” taunts from fans in the stands at UCSB and UCI. After the Mats beat the Eaters HoopsDr said, “Just like the UCSB grads, they (the UCIs) all end up working at Woodstock Pizza... Great pizza though...”

Another scary Northridge note was the word that on top of having a great basketball coach in Bobby Braswell the school got an endorsement from their City Council, “$50 million expected from a future state bond measure, design already under way.” Don’t panic it is not a new gym, rather the San Fernando Valley's first major performing arts center. Whew.—DR. DAN

Sunday, January 02, 2005


I’m still sweeping up the confetti and looking for the cat so indulge me with another session of notes on my napkin.

That loveable den of dinosaurs known as the Long Beach Century Club are counting down the calendar until their 49th Annual Sports banquet and the induction of three more hometown heroes for their Hall of Fame. The February 8th fete will toast Jim Barnett, one of the original and great Poly football coaches, Olympic Volleyball legend Bob Ctvrlik and a tireless staffer in the formative days of the Long Beach Recreation Department. Katy Stone along with athlete of the year and former Dirtbag Bobby Crosby. Oh yes, did I forget about 200 local high school and college athletes all getting a nice trophy and a tasty prime rib. Reservations and info from President Elect Sam Breuklander at 562-596-0912.

Now to actual fun and games such as the beginning of the 2005 Men’s Volleyball Season at Long Beach State including three dates this week. Coach Andy Read gives the scoop.

“The action starts on Thursday at 5pm in the Gold Mine when the Calgary Dino will pay a visit on the 49ers and bringing a #4 ranking in Canada. On Friday and Saturday January 7th & 8th, the 49ers will play in the UCSB Elephant Bar Tournament starting with the host Gauchos at 1pm on Friday in Rob Gym. The rest of the bracket depends on winners and losers.

Finally on Sunday the 49ers Sideout Men’s Volleyball Booster Club is sponsoring the New Years Classic Indoor Tournament in the Pyramid and across the Long Beach State Campus. The tournament has gotten so big of late that it’s expanded across into the other gyms on campus. So sign up early with your team.”

The program sponsors are 3rd Degree, The Original Ballbag, Power Systems, It’s A Grind Coffee House, Mario’s Eastside, Johnny Rockets, McDonald’s, Ecco’s Pizza and Coach’s Sports Grill

More good news is that the Big Brown Music Machine will be in full throat on Saturday night when the Niners host Northridge. The basketballers will tune up for that show playing Pacific on Thursday night but the alumni band needs no practice, just directions to the post game beer and pizza. The ladies hoopsters will try and build some momentum playing those same two foes on the road without those nice sounds.

Now here is a twist to an office football pool. My pal Rob has his own entry each week but anted up for his two year old who makes his own selections by grabbing a name or number that is mixed in with the Cheerios. While his dad and your reporter have yet to reach the mountain top Kid Foster already has booked a weekly win.

Our closing quote today is from Faith Mimnaugh head coach of the Cal Poly ladies basketball team who boldly said that Long Beach State is flatly the best team in the Big West. “They are very physical, they don’t give you many good looks at the basket and they are so athletic.” And what about Santa Barbara? “They will get beat along the way; nobody will run the table this year.”-DR. DAN