Sunday, January 16, 2005

Running with the Big West Coaches on Media Day

The following are just for fun recollections of Media Day at LBSU. Please no wagering or posting of material on locker room bulletin boards!


Serrano led off and broke the record for longest 4-6 minute talk-he’s excited, says he has 6-7 pitchers but admits that losing Brett Smith is big in the leadership area…the Eaters lost 10 of their last 13 and Serrano thinks that game one of the CSUF series killed their morale...they open at Cal then host Wash and BYU before traveling to Clemson…and that odd home and home with Dallas Baptist continues…LB goes there this year


Savage nation moves north and he praised the good baseball crowds of 2,000 plus around the area…wonder he knows about Bruin attendance….says he will work on the student body...oh yes he has a football player (sp) Jared Page that will come out this spring…


no shows—bad roads maybe…SB still has a soft non-conf sked, Westmonts, SJSU, ORU and Davis and SLO does too—USF, SJSU, , Davis and SAC State but BA has them 3rd and making the post season


It was a pity party for Rich Hill who everybody loves and whose team should have made the post last year…this year they will suffer from the record 9 guys that signed pro deals…they open next week with SLO then play Hilo over there 6 times….


Coach Rodriquez also has weather issues, only one road to Malibu campus is open but he says that the Waves looked great in their team picture…he signed a ton of pitchers after he had a shot of derailing CSUF but ran out of pitchers and lost twice on the Sunday 15-1 and 16-3…their crack SID Al Barba-no relation- has this cumulative stat from 1979 to 2004 where the Waves are just a skosh behind the Titans with a 1006-523 mark compared to the Nutwooders 1158-493…but ah the view…the rest of the list has USC, CSUN-not a typo, LBSU, UCLA, UCSB, LMU and UCI Missing a few seasons but still only 477-511-2


Frank Cruz praised all the local kids who helped his USA national team win the gold medal and has his team—which he calls—LMU of LA on the Hill Near the Ocean—picked to win the WCC…he said that the team looked real good in the gym but is worried now that they are outside...they don’t open til Feb 11 and have their first ten at home…

UCR just a youngster in his mid fifties, new UCR Coach Doug Smith spent 25 years with his pal Smitheran before getting the corner dugout seat this year…good news for the Beach is that the series is at Blair and thus no 91 horror show…plus most of the good pitchers are gone plus powerful Tony Festa


The good news is that they have broken ground for the Tigers new baseball complex, The Klein Family Field…now if the waters subside they can find the buoys and get busy….the Tiger boys however are still not as good as their coaches so another long season on the rebuild…


George relishes telling the story of how his team went from 15-16 to almost a handshake from Augie after the CWS…the Titan staff claims they will be back again and might buy that house they rent saying “we should be here every year….”…George will be loaded losing only four regulars and two coaches, Serrano and Chad Baum to UCI…now he has some many guys around the BWC he said, “everybody else knows our signs better than we do…”they have their first 6 a home, Stanford and Fresno but will face pre-season #1 Tulane in New Orleans …Romero vs. Ramos should be a great Friday face-off but both teams lost stud catchers so that will be an adventure…the Beach won 2-3 there and was swept in LB but still, almost, if, but….joined them in Nebraska where Weaver, Vargas and Ramos would have brought home the trophy


All Steve Rousey could say was that has the stat to back up the claim that the area has tough coaches/recruiters—“I am 33-80 against them.” Light a candle but enjoy the home run show which led the West with 60 bombs…the Beach had 36


Gillespie won the Dangerfield award with an assortment of digs and quips…”we are bringing in Norm Chow to coach our offense, he’s not busy in the spring…”on slugger Jeff Clement, if you like home runs come see this guy but some early, he hits them in batting practice because we don’t throw him and curve balls or outside pitches…and oh yes, I don’t like all you guys in the media who kept writing about Jered Weaver...must have been 47 stories and they all said how hw struck out the first ten Trojans he faced”…all but one of the SC recruits are pure freshmen…and Kennedy, Ian, will make alums forget Bush—Reggie…


We Told Tony Gwynn that we won some bets on him still being a college coach in 2005 and he says “I like it and I am beginning to figure it out…in my first game against Long Beach they bunted three straight times on me but we are getting our program going”…and he does play at his own named yard. the Aztecs missed the post season late with a tourney loss to UNLV after winning the regular season but the Mountain West doesn’t get much NCAA love…they host Texas for 3 to open the season and come to Long Beach the end of Feb…

There you go that out to put you to sleep…

Dr. Dan


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