Sunday, December 03, 2006


The volleyballs and soccer balls are all packed away and now that the LB students are all in finals or on their way home you know it is okay to talk about family when they are out of the room. This subject came to mind looking at how little home court/field advantage visitors expect when the come to the LB campus.

The emotional high points last weekend with Hawaii in town brought this sarcastic comment from one of the Rainbow wits. “Typically, the Beach Boosters are geriatric to near-geriatric folks…who follow the LBSU program around like a poodle stalking a milk-bone”. Ouch, but the truth is that despite over 30,000 student ID cards issued the busy So Cal scene lures the Niner students almost any where but to a campus contest.

Fortunately for the big bottom line, not to be confused with wins and losses, the students have been more than generous to LB athletics except in attendance

In the Spring of 2000, the students passed the Beach Pride Referendum which provides additional funds for each of Long Beach State’s 18 teams, over $1.8 million annually including scholarships, operations and facility improvements plus their own “spirit” programs. Oh yes, some of that spirit, perhaps liquid, might help build the crowds but the no beer edict means that the Beach has to hope Greek organizations shout-outs for a big screen TV will frighten foes and pump up the home boys and girls. Film at 11 but don’t confuse life at the Beach with those passionate painted faces you see on TV at other college games.

PC DUSTING—Before the minor sport wolves’ start howling at my tent, the Beach has had recent success in women’s tennis, softball, soccer and parts of track and golf have had moments.

On the grumpy fan meter my Miami Herald pal Greg Cote quipped, “Hurricane followers have developed a reputation for being never satisfied, and you see signs of that even during the holiday season. For example, with Christmas coming, many UM fans already are putting up Negativity Scenes.” Ouch part two.

Isn’t it odd that NCAA volleyball now is on the “Road to Omaha” for their championship? I would recommend a restaurant or two but (sadly) it has been too long since the Dirtbags took me there. My favorite in that party is the nearly home standing Nebraska team. The Big West was always had a VB contender but with everybody out in the first weekend this league will probably have a national champion in soccer before they have another one in, whoops, late update, UCSB IS the national champion in soccer.

For the record Long Beach has three NCAA WVB titles, (1989, 93, 98), and according to Hawaii coach Dave Shoji his team had to play, “our best match of the year, in every phase. Our passing was on and we managed to stave off their really tough serves.”

I'd officially like to announce that I have no interest in becoming head coach of the Miami Hurricanes. Those are just rumors, and I'm happy at the Gazette papers. They've been with me through good and bad and I'm a loyal guy.

Back on campus the Sixth Man Boosters and LBSU Men’s Basketball are trying to be more cheerful and want you to help by bringing an unwrapped toy Saturday night prior to the LBSU vs. Sacramento State game. The team and coaches will be visiting Miller Children's Hospital to distribute the gifts. In this case turnovers are encouraged. Bonus, the 49er Ticket Office is offering a free general admission ticket for the toy givers. You probably could even stash something for Santa when our road weary warriors face Pepperdine tonight (Thursday). Saturday is also a double dip, the ladies of the Beach look for hoop win number one at 4 p.m. versus UNLV.

Last add--when you come to campus hug a student (politely)...—DR. DAN