Monday, August 28, 2006


Welcome back to school for today’s first lesson in physics, specifically how to squeeze 30 days of notes on a napkin into one column of 700 words or less.

We do this dust at warp speed so hang on to the nearest incomplete sentence.

I am not sure he wasn’t a shark in his LBSU water polo days but attorney Rich Foster, the man who built pools in the Arena parking lot for the wildly popular US swim trials, is now quietly confident that he and others can get the 2016 Olympics back in So Cal with up to eight events in Long Beach. “You look at how the IOC likes to rotate continents (Beijing-2008, London-2012) it comes to the Americas next. If you put the 2014 World Cup in South America they are out and with our already built facilities I think we are in.”

Now lots of news and views from Dirtbag baseball. New faces on the field and in the dugout. Two assistants are off to new places, Doc Strauss as pitching coach and recruiter for San Jose State and Tim McDonnell, thought to be in line for more recruiting duties art the Beach, could not negotiate the dollars he wanted and went south to J. Serra High. Serra now has two Niner softball coaches (Pete Manarino and Stephanie Swenson), two LB connected basketball coaches, (Tom and Tonisa Turner-Lewis), and now Timmy Mac.

Heading farther south will be Donnie Hume who had a great summer in the Cape Cod League but is expected to transfer to San Diego State. Coming in to coach will be Nicholas Walsh from Arizona State, considered one of ASU’s hardest and scrappiest infielders, who played a couple of years on the Yankees farm. Also expect some interesting transfers before the spring.

Back inside, long time Brian Gimmillaro watchers can’t remember the coach being more focused in years. And happy as a freshman finding a parking spot about last weekends three matches of sweeps. The Missouri press called his team put the top ten Tigers “l into the quicksand early and then used their quickness and physicality” to do the job in three. Expect a ratings surge up to the Nebraska match but then the weak Big West RPI will drag the numbers down.

Best of the VB alum news is that Tayibba Haneef got engaged on top of a huge Japanese ferris wheel with her mom on the car behind. The team owners over there say she is the best player in the world but lost her to a big money contract from the Russians next year. Last spiker note, famous pop in the stands is Carl Buggs, coach of Poly High’s state championship girls basketball team watching his just transferred from Tennessee daughter Cynthia play a great back row.

CONSTRUCTION DUST—That new Parking Structure off Palo Verde Avenue holds 1400 parking spaces- but just a gain of 900 new spots. New AD Vic Cegles wishes he was here in the design phase because it would have been nice at the same time to build stadium quality stands with locker rooms underneath for soccer. VC is preparing a master facility plan that has great ideas for every sport and every corner of the campus.

Last add building, a repaired shoulder for head baseball coach Mike Weathers has let the D-Bag skipper get his range of motion back after what assistants say was years of his “high finish hitting fungo’s.” All the out of season coaches, including basketball, now can work with up to three team members at a time during the fall and of course leave the gym doors and field gates open.
Our closing quote is from a new Dirtbag left-handed pitcher Jason Markovitz, 6-foot-2, and 185 out of Harbor High. Markovitz had attended a showcase in Long Beach last summer, but he said pitching guru Troy Buckley didn't remember him. He went back to work last year and upped his fast ball six MPH to the high 80’s, Buck remembered, Jason now says “I am really glad to be going to this program and getting developed." –DR. DAN