Monday, November 02, 2009


November at Long Beach State is like one of those mile long all you can eat buffets, so many choices that you are limited only by the number of plates you can balance on your arm whilst you stagger back to your seat. That means our monthly report will have to be another edition of the wildly popular Notes on My Napkin.

Still in the hunt for another Big West championship, women’s volleyball is in the top tier of the conference surprisingly led by upstart UC Davis. The Aggies however head to our big town this weekend, playing at Fullerton Friday and in the Pyramid Saturday. The Niners start the weekend hosting Pacific on Friday and with help from others could be on top (or darn close) by Sunday night. Santa Barbara also has a tough road, playing next at Pacific, Davis and Cal Poly. Keep your money in the mattress.

Women’s soccer however will be on the BWC sidelines for the first time since 2004 after CSUN (10-9-0, 6-2-0 BWC) beat the Beach booters 1-0. LB finished the 2009 campaign with a 5-11-3 overall record and a 1-6-1 mark in Big West action. The cup-is-half-full club points out that many of the ‘09 Niners are newcomers but in August management had tagged this as a reload - not rebuild year.

Basketball however is full of optimism and even some glowing pre-season predictions. The men are picked to win the conference and that elusive NCAA automatic bid and the women, so woeful last season they weren’t even invited to the conference tournament, was tabbed to finish fifth. Both clubs will fine tune their teams this weekend, make nice with the athletic trainers, and try and get their best five, six or seven on the court next weekend. Then men start on Saturday the 14th at 4 p.m. with a lot of homecoming pre-game partying and the ladies will defy that Friday the 13th stuff (we retired professors call it paraskevidekatriaphobia) playing Prairie View A&M at 7 p.m.

HELTER SKELTER DUST—Your trusty and rusty correspondent is still in my Southern retreat but at least there is some diamond action, the Florida Winter Baseball League. Players for the FWBL are drawn from all eight professional independent summer leagues including our own Golden Baseball League. I will search out any Dirtbags/Armadas once the rosters settle down.

Next note is that the Omaha sports commission, running the business side of the new College World Series in downtown Omaha, is seeking some serious revenues from potential tenants, including a $10,000 per game fee for their home town college, Creighton University. That won’t happen to LBSU since it seems that the deal for our U to take over Blair field is up and ready to go. I just hope that the deal doesn’t make Mike Weathers hair turn grey. Oh yeah.

This has nothing to do with the baseball Titans but the Fullerton engineering students recently had a ''pumpkin launch." The result was, in front of 3000 spectators, the flying vegetable crashing through the scoreboard at White Elephant Downs, the football turned soccer stadium at CSUF. The LBSU engineers do balloon drops and ride in concrete canoes.

Finally, the D-Dust complaint department received a note that we had no closing quote last month, so let’s do three this month.

1. “What do you call a single men’s basketball coach---homeless.” Fortunately our local hero Dan Monson is very married to a wonderful wife, Darci and has four children, baseball named boys McGuire and Maddox with alliterative daughters, Mollie and McKenna. Not exactly homeless but the still single, Larry Reynolds, now the hoop boss at California State University, Stanislaus. The pride of metropolitan Turlock, Reynolds Warriors are pre-season picked to finish 11th in 12 team CCAA conference.

. 2. From an Association cynic and Clipper season ticket holder, “If you want to have your pal draw your ticket to win the NBA player lottery, do what we do, cover your eyes and pick the frozen logo.”

3. And this last add from a disgruntled coach. “We couldn’t hit the broad side of the barn door from inside of the barn.” DR. DAN