Saturday, May 27, 2006


Here are the notes we were working on for Sunday before the solar storm caused by all of those Caltrans Orange shirts blew up a transformer on the left field side. Dr. Alexander said that they would cover up the haz material, tape it of, and play with six of seven light poles. The SIDs said the coaches didn’t want to risk injury with a few lights out. The umps from the CSUN game said postpone you can never be too careful; the beer guys already had done some good biz so a double dip on Sunday was okay for them.

George Horton, piloting a rig bigger than most of the rolling stock we have in Iraq, told me on the way out that it was the haz stuff not the lighting. One cynic suggested that the fire department put the yellow tape around the Niner dugout since they have had a power failure of late. The F word staff began to muse about what the DH would do for the regional rotation next week, Miller with one days less of rest, etc. Our grandstand Lawyer and Card King Tom Patterson never mentioned a possible law suit if a player stumbled in the darkness but somebody else did.
The sleepers-in and the church goers fussed about the early start, some tailgaters were adding eggs to their steak menu for Sunday, the Beach brass was huddling to figure out how to clear the stadium after game one and sell or let in with Sunday tickets the rest of the folks. “Hey it is a big gate for us, we need to sell each game. “ So there go you, fan appreciation day, still need to get that #30 win, maybe the pathway to the pros line will inspire the selectors to take a chance—what with young Weaver looking so great last night. And all the stuff in the Dugout store is on sale….

Some recruit news of note…Devin Lohman, shortstop of the future, made a mutual verbal commitment with Long Beach…“It's been a while now that I've just been looking at colleges, looking at the baseball programs and everything, and Long Beach really stands out to me,” said Lohman. “It looks like a really good college, good program, good team. I feel like I can learn a lot there.”…when he signs in November, Lohman will be the second Righetti High School player in three years scholarship at LB, injured pitcher Andre LaMontagne is the other…another expected one is Paso Robles Bearcat pitcher Matt Drummond…he already knows the Niner script…"We’re gonna have to be able to make the routine play and not give any extra outs," he said about a recent HS game, . "Three outs an inning. And offensively, we’re gonna have to scratch a run or two."

Now some of the missing in action were actually at the Angel game. Our mystery correspondent writes: “Hooray for the smoking light standard! Jered Weaver wowed 'em at Angel Stadium. Vlad Guerrero and Mike Napoli bailed Jered out of a major jam with a sensational play at the plate, and the Dirtbag soared thereafter. The crowd actually booed Garret Anderson and Juan Rivera for letting a lazy fly ball drop between them in the outfield to put a third hit on the scoreboard for Weaver. Scioscia pulled JW after only a hundred pitches, not allowing him to get the complete game shutout he was heading for. Good move, coach--try to keep him humble. I took a rubber Bobs Big Boy doll to the stadium with me for luck. :)”

Last adds--Nice to see the Dave Bradley, dad of senior Scott “Scooter” Bradley in from the Midwest but he has to head back Sunday a.m. and of course all of those senior parents, their kids still signing their baseball cards, will be all smiles in these last home games…the others moving on are Howling Tom Wolf, steady Chuck Sindlinger, Boats and Tito, Brett A, Mike Mallott and volunteer assistant and third base coach Doc Strauss who has promised his bride and their pride that he would get another FT gig next season…scores around the Jumbo Jerry loop (Gordie V's term for the Big West…Pacific 4, Cal State Northridge 1; UC Davis 8, Stanford 3 (UCD 2-0); UC Irvine 5, UC Riverside 4 (10)—darn it; Cal Poly 4, UC Santa Barbara 1--DR. DAN


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