Sunday, April 30, 2006


Our word of the week for Diamond Dust is finally…Diamond! Yes indeed the home boys and home girls of LBSU played their way back into post season in baseball and softball with twin sweeps of Pacific last weekend and back inside it is time for the annual Jewels of the Night scholarship fund raiser Saturday eve in the Pyramid.

For the outside report the Dirtbags upped their Big West record to 7-1-1 and are percentage points ahead of that F Troop known as the Fullerton Titans. The keys to victory were something old and something new. The old was another solid offensive effort by All American Evan Longoria who went 5 for 9 with a bunch of walks and a bunch of RBIs plus stout pitching by Jared Hughes and Andrew Carpenter. The new was the work of the energizer bunnies at the top of the order, Robert Perry and AJ Pinocchio, plus three freshmen Shane Peterson, Danny Espinosa and Vance Whorley.

Next up is a road trip to Cal Poly SLO.
The other outdoor entry, softball, is also making noises about post-season play and helped themselves with three Ws over Pacific, including wins number 21 and 22 for junior Michele Turner who is aiming for the school record of 25 set in 1988. The softball 49ers also take to the road this weekend for a three-game series at UC Davis.

Now those inside Diamonds and other precious stones are up for auction at the 12th Annual “Jewels of the Night” event in The Walter Pyramid. The grub comes from more than 50 area eateries and there are hundreds of unique auction items for your health and beauty, international and domestic vacations, entertainment, kid’s stuff, cuisine and sporting life. The night begins with the silent auction from 5pm-7:30pm followed by dinner and live music until you run out of money or energy. Oh yes, special guest, new LBSU AD Vic Cegles who is in town from Philly.

SPRING DUSTING ---While Niner volleyball deserved better the NCAA Final Two plus a pity party for teams from the East and Midwest goes on this weekend at Penn State. UCLA deserved the Bid and maybe UC Irvine if you believe in only a season record but LB should be there too. However, until the sport gets more entries, the current seeding-less system will prevail.

For women’s tennis however the gals are where they should be holding up the hardware for their third consecutive league title after they swept past UC Irvine 4-0 in the championship match at the 2006 BWC Championships at Indian Wells. The 49ers (21-4) have won nine consecutive Big West Tourney matches, own Big West titles in 2002, 2004 and 2005 and get the word on their NCAA regional play this week.
Of course if you like to swing the thing called a golf club yourself the Century Club is holding their annual golf tourney fundraiser on Friday at Big Rec and their food lineup isn’t shabby, Tantalum, McKenna's, Joe Jost's, plus ice cream and hotdogs served by the Wilson Softball Team. The tournament starts at 11:00 a.m.
Our closing notes are about sporting characters, such as spoiled sports like the Sacramento Kings' Ron Artest. As of press time he has now been fined $5,068,421 in two seasons. Heck that’s a house payment for the Reggie or George W. Bush. Last add from Blair Field, comes from super fan Jerry Gaynor, whose dad was a set artist for TV back in the day. Working on “The Little House on the Prairie” series he drew a graveyard for a scene and in honor of star Merlin Olsen inscribed all the tomb stones with the names of Merlin’s NFL rivals, Dan Dierdorff, Conrad Dobbler, et al.—DR. DAN


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