Saturday, May 27, 2006


Mike Weathers goes to the plate with a paper Rawlings line up card. The rest of the folks in the 49er unis carry TPX or similar aluminum bats. Not much any skipper can do once the game gets going if the metal remains as eerily silent as was the case last night when the Dirtbags wasted a six-hit Andrew Carpenter effort and turned up the post-season pressure on themselves. While LB had chances in four innings, the Fullertons executed twice, once on a wild pitch in the first and a sac in the sixth. Side-slinging, sinker throwing and mound dancing Wes Roemer (11-1) pitched his own six-hitter forcing the now desperate Dirtbags to get a win today and maybe tomorrow to avoid missing the post-season for the first time since 2000.

If the dark side of a two zip shutout has any bright spots Weathers noted that the national TV audience and 2,410 fans in the stands “saw that would-could compete with a very good team. We should get in based on our strength of schedule. (The RPI opened this morning at 44). The NCAA asks that you schedule tough and we did.” That said, Weathers privately wished he didn’t have the problem of being a spin doctor on a season that without another W could be slipping away in light of upsets in other conference tourneys which are gobbling up those precious at large bids like Ms. PacMan. What last left Friday was the beauty contest that is following the soon to be pro future of Evan Longoria. The faithful saw several web gems at third and EL and his with a first inning double extended his hit streak to 10 games and wrapped up the club’s triple crown. Back to the game, back-up first baseman Scooter Bradley made the final out in the second and forth leaving two runners on each frame. The Beach did get another double when Brandon Godfrey, sore shoulder and all, asked to come in and doubled in one at bat. Meanwhile the nine member NCAA selection committee (including ADs from CSUF and UNLV) is bunkered down with stats and, brackets and TVs and some chow. "We try to get all our food ordered for weekend and decide who the vegetarians are and make sure there are enough plates," said UNC Greensboro coach Mike Gaski told Baseball America. "We actually get after it pretty good on Friday night." The Niners, a virtual pipleline to the pros, hope to give the committee some more food for thought Satuday night.

MUST TIME DUST—Competing for the home crowd tonight is the first MLB start for Jered Weaver…at the tender age of 23, 4-1 with one complete game shutout and a 1.89 ERA in nine starts at triple-A Salt Lake, he could join brother Jeff as the only brother combo to win for the same team in the same week…I how does LB build these great hurlers?...Chris Jackson of the Daily Breeze got this out of the usually taciturn Troy Buckley, "There's no magic recipe," Buckley said. "My mentality is maybe a little bit different in that if you can't pitch with your fastball then you can't be successful. We all want to win, but you can't avoid contact if you want to have a chance to win. Most college hitters can hit the fastball, but you have to build a delivery that's capable of delivering the fastball where you want it. The philosophy is to build a delivery that can build power, extension, and downhill angle, and along with that, deception. Those four things are what I'm trying to give each and every one of our guys."… Donnie Hume and Vance Worley will use that formula tonight with Jared Hughes going Sunday…Hughes is now 8-3 and another good news note is that LBSU has now won seven straight Sunday games…checking in long distance is the new LB AD Vic Cegles who starts work on Monday June 5th…he's 57, has two sons in college, one plays baseball at Rutgers and the other is a redshirt freshman football player at Towson State…his current days are at Temple and before that Arizona State…Two notes from the ladies side of the Beach. In track both Kim Heinz and Emily Forsythe are headed to their first ever NCAA Championship…Heinz in the javelin broke her own school-record with a toss of 160'9" and Forsythe goes in the high jump…also going away but not coming back is volleyball’s Ali Daley, the Big West Freshman of the Year who insiders say asked for her release on the eve of the 49ers current summer exhibition tour of Europe…the best of last year’s newcomers, Daley also landed a spot on the BWC first-team and the 6-0 outside hitter registered a career-high 24 kills in Long Beach State’s 3-1 win over St. Mary’s and did not commit an attack error in three straight matches…BWC scoreboard, Pacific 6, Northridge 2; Santa Barbara 11, Cal Poly 6; Irvine 5, Riverside at 11—DR. DAN


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