Sunday, May 07, 2006


With all the excitement about the new King (that would be President F. King Alexander) this might be a good weekend to remember the original Go Beach guy, the old king, Robert C. Maxson. In his countless hours along press row he was just a regular guy, a fan, who never had a doubt about who he wanted to beat the most. “That’s Santa Barbara,” Bob would drawl, “you can’t beat them too much or bad enough.” So that’s our segue into “Beat Santa Barbara for Bob” weekend.

The first of these encounters with the institution who made the taunt “state school” jump the BP of the 49er faithful happens Friday night at Blair. That would be the first of three baseball contests that are critical to the Beach hopes for staying in the top two of the Big West (with Fullerton) and on the NCAA regional radar. On Saturday softball is at Santa Barbara for a double header in a tight race for the top with, you guessed it, Fullerton. By Sunday night the Gauchos will be in LB’s rear view mirror and the coaches and athletes will find something else to worry about.

Also on the weekend is a return to the post-season course and court for LBSU golf and tennis. In tennis the Beach is No. 27 in the rankings and set to face No. 46-ranked University of New Mexico in the first round of the 2006 NCAA Women's Tennis Championships at USC. The coach is looking forward to seeing new faces. "I'm very excited that we get to see someone we haven't seen before," said 49er net boss Jenny Hilt-Costello. "Obviously New Mexico is a very strong team. They will be a good matchup for us, but I think we have a good shot at getting to see USC in the second round."

In golf the Niners women's golf team is making history as they tee off today (Thursday) for the NCAA West Regionals going on through Saturday at the Washington National Golf Course in Auburn, WA. This is the first time a 49er women's team has advanced to the NCAA Championships but the brilliant Kay Hoey played as an individual last year.

MAY DAY DUSTING--You’ve got to admit that Madison Avenue had a great idea pairing a long tall Stanford volleyball player with a pepper pot from Long Beach State. That would be the Misty May-Kerri Walsh gold medal combo. So what’s next, a copy cat team featuring Stanford’s Logan Tom, a four-time first-team All-American, and the feisty and talented 49er Brittany Hochevar who made their way into the main draw, moved up from 20 to 13, won $1,550 last weekend. When the sand settled May and Walsh dominated with a repeat of the last month’s Fort Lauderdale Open and cashed $19,000. Next up next weekend is the Santa Barbara tourney.

One that got away dept..—Back in the summer of 1991 the Long Beach men’s basketball team took one of those foreign tours, heading up to the tranquil countryside of LA, that would be Lower Alberta, Canada. Under the guidance of the allegedly brilliant Seth Greenberg, the 49ers played the Canadian Junior Olympic team in a series of exhibitions crowned by a contest in Calgary. At each stop along the way there was this floppy haired guard who kept pestering Seth for a chance to bring his game to the lower 48. “What do I need that guy for?,” Greenberg would wrinkle his nose. And the rest of the story--Steve Nash would go on to play for the Canadian National Team in 1993, win a silver medal, star in college at Santa Clara and over the weekend pick up his second consecutive NBA MVP award.—DR. DAN


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