Monday, June 12, 2006


After last week’s academic treatise on the symbiotic confluence of sport and higher education, the email box has overflowed with suggestions that we return to the always popular name-dropping-rumor mongering Notes on My Napkin. I did my best to set a higher tone but as the musical maestros Def Jam said it’s time to “Give “em What They Want.”

With our local college talent on the sidelines or in the recliner, it’s time to delete some aging Dirtbag baseball notes. The bright spot of course is the first round, number three over all, selection of Evan Longoria by Tampa Bay but not taken and hopefully coming back is Dirtbag centerfielder and lead off man Robert Perry who will join Freshman All American and LB shortstop Danny Espinosa plus some young pitching talent as the nucleus for the 2007 team.

Back to the draft day, I figure that the emergence of former Dirtbag and former MLB hold out Jered Weaver made some millions for Luke Hochevar (yes the baby brother of volleyballer Brittany Hochevar). A year after he spurned the Dodgers Luke became Kansas City’s number one pick last week. Picks two through four all had pre-draft deals in place: Stanford's Greg Reynolds ($3.25 million, Colorado Rockies); Longoria ($3 million) and Houston right-hander Brad Lincoln ($2.75 million, Pittsburgh Pirates.)

Back to the baskets, the Mary Hegarty version of Coach Chat overflowed the patio at Pete’s last week, prompting new AD Vic Cegles to quip “I came 15 minutes early and I was 45 minutes late.” After he finally found a parking place and squeezed in, Cegles and about 85 others heard Mary’s hopeful lecture about the rebuilt body parts of Val Wilhoit, Karina Figueroa and Mandy Foster who the coach said will be more than enough to replace four departing scoring seniors and two dismissed undergrad guards.

Next up rumor control, is it possible that Chaffey College left-hander Brandon Villalobos, a Long Beach State transfer, who went 3-1 with a 2.87 ERA this season, will turn down 23rd round White Sox money and come back to the Beach?

Not going anywhere for men’s basketball is versatile Scott Waterman, a hustling player in his Occidental days. He has been doing academic and conditioning work for the 49ers the past couple of years and now is the young guy to balance former UC Riverside head coach, the old guy, on the Larry Reynold’s coaching staff.

Last add on the speculation set is the prospect that CSU Bakersfield is getting ready to make a run at getting into the Big West. When your school is smallish, just 7,500 students, playing up is difficult but not impossible. Notable Division I universities with smaller enrollments than Bakersfield include Gonzaga, Bucknell, Creighton, Georgetown, Loyola Marymount, Niagara, Pacific, Princeton, Rice, Valparaiso, Wake Forest, and Xavier. What the Roadrunners would bring is a good basketball venue and fan base (average of 2,213) especially when compared with the average crowds at UC Riverside, 1,399; UC Irvine 2,365, Cal Poly SLO, 2,056, at CS Northridge, 1,100; UC Davis, 1,433, and even LBSU, 1,634.

Our closing quote is from Jered Weaver in the latest issue of Angel Magazine. Asked what it meant to be a Dirtbag and was Long Beach the right choice? “Being a Dirtbag is about getting knocked down, then getting right back up, and getting in the other team's face. It's about not letting anything, or anyone, get to you.” And signing with the Niners? “That was the best decision I ever made. It definitely got me prepared and ready for where I'm today.”—DR. DAN


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