Monday, September 13, 2004


Hi Boss, got tired of watching the weather channel so I went back to the food channel and got this great new invention, The Food Doppler. This machine gives me an updated line on all buffet lines and happy hours around town and that means I have an overload of notes on my napkin.

Here goes. A pricey but always fun chow-down is dining with the LBSU Hall of Famers which this year will induct that sand-eating gold medalist Misty May. The dinner is set for Thursday, October 21 at the Westin Long Beach Hotel. Need a warm-up? Then attend the awards dinner after the HOF Golf Tournament on Monday, October 4 at Old Ranch Country Club. Reservations via Pat West at (562) 985-4662.

Now if you like to wear something more original when dining then visit the costume-optional Halloween Haunt 4-person beach VB tournament at Huntington Beach Pier on Sunday, October 10. Everybody gets candy and drinks and the really lucky get a nifty tee shirt or something equally grand! Proceeds support Long Beach State Men’s Volleyball.

Looking back, the last supper for super Niner fund raiser Sean Pyatt was last week during the Jared Weaver baseball fundraiser at Chimayo’s in Huntington Beach. About a hundred partied with Weaver, Mike Weathers and Niner faithful. On display was Jered’s Roger Clemen’s trophy about which one wag in the crowd complained that the Rocket ‘s stance in the trophy was “too open”.

Weathers said that the Dream had won every major award “except that Johnny Bench thing.” Yeah, coach Bench was a catcher. A nice party for an unemployed college dropout. Love to kid a future millionaire.

Back to Sean, he will return to Arizona available for a new assignment and another Niner good guy, Bobby Jezyk, headed back up north for a teaching credential. We’ll miss them both.
After a less than blissful trip to Hawaii, LBSU ladies soccer continues their seven-match road-trip in San Diego Friday while men’s water polo takes on the best in the USA at the USC tournament at Troy-town Saturday and Sunday.More Dirtbag info gleaned from my hard work in the hors d’oeuvres line at the Weaver cocktail party. HH Hitting guru Don Barbara says that “every offensive position will be up for grabs” in fall ball but pitching genius Troy Buckley will rest his ace Cesar Ramos this fall and look for the rest of his 2005 starting rotation from Jamison, Anderson, Andrade, Villalobos plus a hard throwing Santa Clara transfer. Runners up will be set-up guys and closers.

Where are they—ex Niner hurler Kasey Olenberger, started and was the losing pitcher in Italy’s Olympic loss to the Netherlands. Grandma came from the old country nut at least some baseball player we know made Athens.

Back to calorie counting, those ardent Sideline Spikers have taken on the task of furnishing the food for the Player's Choice" Potluck Post-match social in the Ukleja Room this Saturday night after the UC Riverside match. Taffy Barr at 562-420-2680 has the list of what the gals want and after the players load up members can chase the scraps. Last add food and fun. The Coach’s Chat at Busters was supposed to be off the record but maybe somebody talked about winning 20 basketball games, some coaches want to get their players down to 240 and some want to get them up to say 140. And they all want their charges to stay off the police blotter this year.

My old college room mate Steve Grogan has a solution for that situation. “You know a lot of pros get in trouble with drugs because they have too much money. I live on a boat in San Francisco and if they ever bought a boat I can promise you it would keep them broke and out of trouble.” Amen.—DR. DAN


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