Monday, June 28, 2004

Notes on my napkin while Rosenblatting from my recliner.

With no Omaha these days I rotate between my own honey-do list and the television version of the NCAA baseball title time and try and sort a sock drawer and in-basket neglected the past month or so.

The first item is to report that my pal Shayne Schroeder, a former LBSU sports info boss, lost his father a week before Father’s day and this week he made the sad sojourn back to suburban Chicago for the services. Ironically his dad will now get to root on the Angels, the real ones, while Shayne gets stuck with the Cubs.

My own dad lives in Florida and is already getting geared up for college football and trying to keep his Miami, Virginia Tech and Florida State sons on their toes. He is West Virginia alum but prefers to stir the sporting pot with his kid’s favorites.

Another dad tale came when I partied with a former student, Mike Netter, who just earned his doctorate from UCLA. That brought his extended family to town and Mike’s pop shared a sporting take about little brother Louie. “Lou really was a little nervous about baseball, since ten year old pitchers were a bit wild. But he hung in there and one day got both a foul ball and a triple and then quit the game.”

Next up on family matters is the news that Long Beach State Head Men’s Basketball Coach Larry Reynolds is beginning to fill in the blanks for next season. The latest, but not likely the last adoption, is a husky inside enforcer out of Compton College. Sam Byrd who comes to campus at 6-10, 235 averaged a mere 6.9 points per game. He can rebound, 5.2 rebounds per game, and his team won the state JC title.

He will be one of six newcomers who will be crucial to Dad Reynolds still heading the hoop family after next year. Previously Larry signed a couple of what Seth Greenberg used to call suspects-not exactly blue chip prospects-but folks he suspects could be difference makers. One is 6-10 Erik Atman, a referral from the previously signed but yet to play Shawn Hawkins, grandson of legend Connie Hawkins. He averaged 4.1 ppg. Another family referral is Keion Kindred, a high school teammate of current Niner Travon Free. Not a deadly shooter but at 6-5 a big tough guard who could open up the shooting spot for Jabril Hodges, son of legend Craig Hodges. Stay tuned.

DOLLAR DUST- While Dirtbag Jered Weaver racks of more national awards I tried to figure out how many columns I would have to write to match just his bonus money. For opening day if Jered will throw some of his bonus to the crowd I will throw my whole paycheck.

Best of the quips from the College World Series is this from the other USC, South Carolina. Zinging old rival Clemson the Gamecocks say, “Friends don’t let friends wear orange.” Sort of sums up my feelings about Fullerton.

Last Add is Next Up. The next live action at the U is women’s volleyball and despite the dire reports on the damaged goods that Gimmillaro and Green have to work with the schedule is friendly enough. The Beach gals could well be 9-0 before the team heads up to Pacific where they will be decided underdogs. In fact the whole sked is loaded with lightweights except for UOP, UCSB and maybe Cal Poly. Taking baby steps in a rebuilding year (12 0f the first 15 contests in the ‘Mid) is a wise decision but won’t toughen the team enough to be a playing host in December when the Final Four comes to town.—DR. DAN


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