Sunday, July 18, 2004


Forgive me if I ask you to use your imagination today but we small (euphemistically speaking) sports columnists aren’t issued a camera so you will just have to take my word for it that Jered Weaver cut that mop of golden hair that taunted hitters and worried parents last spring.
            The trim came after the season ended but before the greatest Dirtbag of them all started his hardware route collecting all eight MVP trophies. In the course of his visits JW was a perfect representative of LBSU.  Most recently in Houston for the Clemens award he worked the media, celebs and joined the other finalist in a visit to the Texas Children’s Hospital Cancer Care Center.   Roger of course knew of Jered as a kid brother summer vacationing in the Yankee clubhouse with older brother Jeff when both were NYY employees.
Both Jeff and Roger have switched leagues playing for the Dodgers and Yanks respectively leaving the AL and the Angels open for Jered and his soon to be inked eight million dollar deal.  After all when a college kid’s free chicken
MIXED DUST-Where is it dept.?  “It” is 410 feet from home plate (down the RF line) at Camden Yards and eagle-eyed LBSU PA guy Dan Smith spotted a handsome bronze plaque noting a home run ball hit by former 49er Jeff Liefer.  His metal is in good company next to several long balls delivered by Rafael Palmeiro.  Speaking of that stat did you know that Oakland’s Bobby Crosby has 12 dingers, just three behind the guy he replaced, Miguel Tejada?
Back in the Mid, LBSU Hall of Framer and Stanford escapee Mike Montgomery watched his Golden State NBA team play in the SPL and I asked if he had a contract clause to come back to college coaching?  Mike quickly volleyed back “too late, I already have cashed a couple of their checks.”  Lots of zeroes I assume.  
Also overhead at the SPL were a couple of agents (former players themselves) who were complaining that their clients have poor nutritional habits.  “My guy just finished a game and wants a double cheeseburger. He doesn’t even think about the trans-fatty acids.”
Back outside and on the move again is the baby brother of original Dirtbag Chris Gill.  Jason Gill. He missed on a promotion to the head job at UCI but moves back to CSUF to oversee recruiting while his former coach, George Horton, handles the pitchers.  Stay tuned on that one.  Meanwhile insiders say that the first domino to fall, John Savage, had the UCLA job in March, evidence they say is that the Anteaters never finished building their 2005 schedule.
The final group for that UCI baseball job did include the highly prized Niner assistant Troy Buckley.  After traveling Titan Dave Serrano was appointed Troy told the OC Register, “They obviously had a clear picture of who they wanted," Buckley said. "I'm happy for Dave."
Back at home the national standings for spring athletic programs are out and Fullerton, thanks to the baseball post-season, was the top Big West finisher in 76th place followed by Pacific (78), Cal Poly (82), UC Santa Barbara (87) and Long Beach State (92).
New unis ahead for Niner hooper Lucian Graham who was released to transfer to UL – Lafayette and the Best Beach Lady of the Spike, Erika Chidester.  She will stay at the Beach but unfortunately it is looks like a redshirt fall due to that slow-healing shoulder. 
Last of the Big West notes, Cal Poly’s radio voice Randy Scovil says the Mustangs now have a real football league and suggests that Mr. Shumard and staff “bring in Bruce Allen (son of George) to fire up a team again?” The league is the new Great West football only conference where SLO joins UC Davis, North Dakota State, University of Northern Colorado, Saint Mary's, South Dakota State and Southern Utah.  I guess Randy forgot that LBSU still stands for “Low Budget State University”-DR. DAN


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