Sunday, April 22, 2007


We will call this one “Midday in the Ballpark of Good and Evil”. Act one was that sigh of relief from the night before when the old and grizzled Dirtbags of LB survive a late inning scare from fuzzy-cheeked and usually knocked around UC Davis. Act two was supposed to be more of the same except Aggie Kyle Mihaylo did not stick to the script. You see LB had a recently repaired and unbeaten starter Manny McElroy and frankly Blair visitors are not supposed to hit the ball hard. Or far. Or over the wall. Especially the center field wall. More evil to follow.

A couple more unknown Aggies, Kevin James and Brandon Oliver singled, then coach Rex Peters took a page out of the Dirtbag playbook and ordered a nifty bunt to move the runners before a crisp ball to the right side drove in two more runs. And, just when you thought the evil was over, Matt Dempsey hit another big fly. 4 zip Aggies but surely the good would come soon. It might have except this fellow Brad McAtee wouldn’t fold on cue. In fact he went eight solid, scattered seven hits and allowed frustrated all but the hardy handful of Davis devotees camped in the third base bleachers. Oh there was some good if you don’t mind burning a guy you wanted to save for Sunday. Versatile Andrew Liebel, pitched the remaining 7.1 and gave up but one earned. The offense however pretty much sputtered. The good in you wanted to think that the Beach would take control in the sixth and get everybody to dinner early.

The leadoff went well when Mittelstaedt singled to right and Nelson to left. Everybody moved up on a wild pitch and surely the wheels would come off the Aggie war wagon now. But Morgan couldn’t get it done and the whole plan crashes when Capon grounds into a double play. Still matters were not hopeless at 5-2 if only the Evil Aggies would just stay put. They didn’t. UCD adds another score in the 8th and then the last hope was that the come back kids- who had seven of those already this season (two of them when trailing by as much as seven) could do it again. In the ninth Weathers tried all sorts of pinch hitters but an Espinosa double, and singles by Cline and Tinoco weren’t enough when Shane Peterson, today’s starter, fanned. End of story and the Aggies (13-22) earn their first ever D-1 victory over the Dirtbags.

ABBY’S ANGEL DUST—The best news of the weekend has to be that the very Special K guy who hangs the Ks for Niner pitchers has a new kidney…Dwayne Larson has been on dialysis for over two years while real docs looked for a match but on Friday his wife Karen said they found “a perfect match from a donor in her twenties. The match is as good as if he was receiving it from an identical twin”…maybe you can be a twin, consider adding “donor” to your driver’s license...what Dwayne missed was one of the best pitching efforts of any visitor, and it came from an obviously overlooked freshman who only earned second-team All-North County honors out of Poway...Nelson and Cline each had two hits for LB but the best swinger was UCD’s Matt Dempsey who went 3-for-4 with three RBIs and a run scored…good news for the Beach class of 2026 with the acceptance of the bended knee proposal by Sean Boatright to his long time gal pal and LBSU track champion Charlene Dierdorff…can you say hit and run…how important is today’s series decider, well the evil option would be awful to team psyche and RPI…we got an indication of how much the RPI doesn't like Long Beach's schedule when that Tuesday loss to LMU saw the Dirtbags fall from third to fifth… meanwhile the BWC continues the standings shuffle with these scores…Cal Poly 3, UC Riverside 0; Fullerton 2, Pacific 0; Santa Barbara 6, Irvine 5 and UCLA beats CSUN twice…Friday night leftovers from Nutwood… UOP and CSUF combined to hit 11 batters, one shy of breaking the NCAA record of a combined 12 hit batters in a game…in 2005 LB and CSUF dosed a combined 10…guess it doesn’t hurt in the dugout…the shooting at Virginia Tech made some wonder about what are the plans for contact athletes in an emergency…at Miami football coach Randy Shannon has a plan…”We have a log in our office with a phone list of every player and have their email address, and their text messages, and their parents numbers…when we have to contact all the players, team meeting, crisis, anything, it's something we can all split up and get it done in a matter of two minutes.”…odd circumstance for the other diamond group, women’s softball…they were also playing a doormat and after winning easily 8-2 in game one fell behind UCR 5-1…in this case however Kim’s kids chipped away to come within one run in the fifth via a two-run homer from Jessica Beaver…a double in the sixth got the Beach the lead but that was short lived as UCR had an answer two-run bomb of their own…to the final frame, another Beaver blast, and a run on a wild pitch clinched the series.—DR. DAN


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