Tuesday, April 10, 2007


The answer is Ernie Banks ,Colonel Henry Potter and Dan Monson. The question is--name a guy who likes to play two, the actual head of a MASH unit, and the healthiest pitcher wearing a Dirtbag baseball cap.

If you thought that this would be a boring Tuesday before tax day you may have overlooked the drama that is Dirtbag baseball. Enter stage left is number 14 in a Cubs uniform Ernie Banks who made famous the catch phrase,”Let's play two!" as in finish the 7-7 February 6 tied game with the top of the Pepperdine order batting in the bottom of the ninth. That MASH unit crack is about the growing Dirtbag DL list featuring Vance Worley (MRI, no tear but a flexor inflammation that needs to cool down) and Danny Espinosa (likely a pinched nerve in the muscle fibers). And the new guy on the mound, that would be the just hired and widely heralded Dan Monson, an Idaho all sports whiz who is now the messiah for men’s basketball at the Beach.

Whew, those sentences are long. Monson will be on a pitch count, one. Bryan Shaw will try and finish what he was trying to finish in the suspended game. Adam Wilk and a host of other Bags (Arif, McElroy and Peterson) work game two. The Waves will use Brett Hunter (5-2) and/or Adam Olbrychowski (5-1) sometime this evening. I feel better.

WARNING--ELIPSIS DUST-- A three-dot symbol used to show an incomplete statement... Ellipses are used in on-screen menus to convey that there is more to come…poll watchers got eye strain looking for the Beach but they are in the “Others receiving votes”-Long Beach State (64) which makes LB #26 in the ESPN Coaches top 25 poll…one of those voters is Rob Walton of Oral Roberts…putting another blog on the fire is Zack Hample and his Watching Baseball Smarter, a neat stat geeks read… Hample is an obsessed fan and a regular on minorleaguebaseball.com…he is to baseballs (nearly 3,000 collected from major league games) what our Tom Patterson is to cards...back to the present, the hot bat in February was Mr. Espinosa…the Pepps had a 7-0 lead over LBSU in Malibu but then 49ers took advantage of eight walks and a dramatic three-run home run by Danny in the eighth inning…I did not call that shot but a gaggle of parents nervously shifting behind the press box with the score 7-4 did…”I bet he hits one now” they said and I scoffed…The Waves won all three last weekend and are 7, 8, and 10 in the polls…they got LMU to hit into four double plays, won their season-high seventh straight, improved to 26-8 overall and at 6-0 have virtually wrapped up the West Coast Conference title…also on Saturday the Big West’s new Sheriff, UC Irvine, played some small ball, snow ball, Augie ball, or whatever when Dave Serrano mixed eight bunts, five infield singles, three stolen bases and 14 hits smacking the up-Titans 12-4… that win gave Cal Poly the top spot at least until they visit the Anteaters this weekend…around the loop on this Tuesday… USC at Fullerton; Irvine at UCLA; Hawai'i at Pacific; Riverside at San Diego…49er fund drive is on and if 25 percent of the web board woofers back up their enthusiasm with checks …that ellipsis again…Monson should be able avoid the sticker shock of SoCal real estate with that $1.5 mil buyout from Minnesota…one gets the feeling though that this guy is more into redemption and rebuilding then the Benjamin’s…still on the bucks beat…at 11:00 am on April 29th well fed cows will patrol a 60 x 40 yard area on George Allen Field and if they make a deposit on your square in this Cow Chip Bingo game you win $500 to $2,000…twenty bucks a, er, ah, chance…with that we establish a moratorium on bovine by-products but lift our moratorium on basketball chat…as you know new skipper Don Monson is playing telephone tag with coaches and players (he has upwards to eight scholarships open) and one of nominee 6-9 Los Al big man Clint Amberry…he’s of interest because the late Jim Lineberger (he established the LBSU Free Throw award) would love Clint and especially his grand dad Dr. Tom Amberry who’s book “Focus and Concentration” helped him enter the Guinness Book of Records with 2,750 consecutive made free throws…closing notes…arguably the best baseball team south of Oregon State, Pepperdine should be a top-16 national seed…they swept Saint Mary’s and LMU the last two weeks and have lost one series all year, at UNLV...Blair is tougher air than Malibu which should slow down Adrian Ortiz (.438), Danny Worth (.373) and Luke Salas (.353)…7 Niners are over .300 but the team batting average is a very modest .269…defensively the Bags are .967 but the recent infield shake-up, with Espy on the bench, does make one nervous—DR. DAN


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