Monday, October 30, 2006


With all this spare time as a bi-coastal-once-a-month writer, I have taken up XM satellite radio because they do have the best sports package and they don’t have Howard Stern.

Anyhow the Bee Gees were on the other day and that song “Words” reminded me that it is words that really lights the fire of sports of fans. The lyric you might recall is “Its only words, and words are all I have, to take your heart away…” Two recent examples of words, all kind words I should note, came last week when the Beach women’s soccer team shutout Fullerton on a national TV soccer feed and then the women’s volleyball team shut out UCSB. The volley contest was sent out live on the inter-net using the play by play of the Gaucho student radio.

In both cases the broadcasters were loaded with glowing notes about the home team, Titan soccer at that stadium meant for American football, and the Gauchos, at the so called Thunderdome. Ironically after their pre-game optimism the electronic reporters could only give kind comments about the Beach gals and pointed criticism for their home teams, CSUF and UCSB. It doesn’t happen often but it sounded awfully good for a change. The queens of the spike play Saturday at former patsy Irvine (8-14) but have to be careful after the Eaters went on the road and won at UCSB and SLO.

Fast forward to the present, the Niners did win their half of the Big West title and are top seeds for this weekend’s Big West Women's Soccer Tournament with George Allen watching down on his field. Action begins on Friday when No. 2 seed Santa Barbara meets No. 3 seed Fullerton at 11:00 a.m., while fourth seed Cal Poly battles the top-seeded Beach booters 30 minutes after the conclusion of the first match. Sunday's championship is slated for 1:00 p.m.

For the volley queens it was the first time since 2001 they have won at UC Santa Barbara and in a three game sweep with a gallant comeback in game one before they just dominated. Down 25-19 and 28-24, LBSU swiped game one from the Gauchos, 33-31 and then ran Queen Kathy off her own court. This weekend the Beach has to visit UC Irvine on Saturday not normally a scary thought except the Anteaters (8-14, 3-5 Big West), are coming off a five-game win in The Thunderdome and a similar win over conference leader Cal Poly.

CATCH UP DUST-Niner men’s volleyball is almost done with their exhibition seasons, whipping USC all weekend at the Mid and now roughing it with a trip to Hawaii for matches today (Thursday) and Friday. One newcomer to note is Dan Alexander who is back on the court after medical miracles but Beach trainers Dan Bailey and Josh Stone.

Another medical note comes from the PGA tour where LB Alum Paul Goydos, off the tour for a year plus finished in a tie for 2nd Place at the Chrysler and retain his tour card and up his 2006 earnings to over $890,000 and 97th on the money list.
Speaking of moneyed folks, the Los Angeles Angels of St. Louis featuring World Series MVP David Eckstein and a bunch of former Halos must have given owner Arte Moreno a trip to the same psychiatrist that George Steinbrenner visits considering the ones that got away.

Back to booting, the Beach Sunday loss to Riverside came about mid week when scoring star Hayley Bolt “rolled and ankle” and had to miss the contest. Tied at 0-0 at the half, the Beach coaching staff emptied the Bench and rested the rest of the regulars.

Last add exhibitions, the Mid has a improved scoreboard and some other wrinkles when Larry Reynold’s conference favorite 49ers host Chapman at 7 Saturday night, their only warm up before going to CBE Classic at Stanford November 14th. The ladies of hoop have a for fun tilt against Love and Basketball next Tuesday then help USC open their new Galen Center on Friday November 10. –DR. DAN


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