Friday, August 19, 2005


The inbox was getting a little fat for mid August so some bonus Dust while doing extras with the Angels….(who have found some pop again…)

A lot of web worriers fretted when one of the original Dirtbags went or was sent away…well you will read this here first; another former D-Bag is coming in. That would be Jon “Doc” Strauss last seen assisting at LMU and one of the really solid assistants around the southland, and very familiar with all the area opponents…

The Lion dugout got over-crowded with big name helpers such as should-have-been UCLA head coach Vince Beringhele, ex Arizona All America Robbie Moen and ex-major leaguer pitcher Doctor Tim Leary….the skipper at LMU is the often-high-maintenance Frank Cruz…Strauss was hired at the Beach in 2000 by Dave Snow after he finished his career as an occasional catcher (17 games) in 1993 and 1994…that ’93 team coming a bad bounce away from playing for the NCAA title in Omaha…Doc was a free agent for the Yankees, coached in the Cape Cod league and actually earned his LBSU degree in psychology…his wife Nickie chasing his son mighty Casey is always fun around Blair but I for one will also miss Hermanetta and Madison Barbara…--DR. DAN


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