Monday, June 13, 2005


Considering the length of my June Gloom to-do list, maybe it is just as well that I missed that trip to Oregon State last weekend. The local time in Corvallis is 1958 and no way that I could go up there and still pounded through my end-of-semester, end-of-career check sheet.

After 30 years at LBSU, I took the golden grip and will now be sort of a snow bird, heading to Florida six months at a time, usually September to February, then back here for more baseball, the end of hoops, and whatever else is on the sporting menu. I figure by February we may have filled the big three positions on campus, (in apparent order of importance to fans) athletic director, men’s basketball coach, and President.

In the mean time the bosses at the Gazette will let me write the first of each month starting in August, likely one of those “where are they now” columns with a little rumor control mixed in. When the Dirtbags return to action I will pick up the weekly assignment that I have enjoyed the past few years. Meanwhile, let’s wrap up the 2005 business starting Dirtbags in the Major League draft.

First up shortstop Troy Tulowitzki became the highest-ever 49er draft choice, going seventh overall to the Colorado Rockies who employ former LB coach Dave Snow as a scout. Snowman said he took that job when he learned who owned the team (Coors beer). The other high pick was pitcher Cesar Ramos the 35th overall pick San Diego. The eight Bags drafted in the first day tied with Arizona for the school with the most selections in day one.

Another Padre choice was first team All-American Neil Jamison, followed by Marco Estrada, Steve Hammond, Cody Evans, Brian Anderson, Chris Jones and finally slugger Sean Boatright. Boats has told us that he and fellow slugger Jordan Struble will play in a Orange County college leaguer this summer and look for bigger bucks after the 2006 season.

So our teams wrap up 2005 with no post-season glory but once again the Beach keeps its title as the number one party school in the land. Hold on, I’m talking about those nice NCAA parties such as the Blair Field baseball regional where everybody heaped praise on the locals, from employees like Steve Janisch and Cindy Masner to super boosters like Les Robbins, Randy Gordon, Houston Bob and too many others to mention. On the heels of the great job that Brian Gimmillaro and the above community folks did at the women’s volleyball championships, there is no doubt that Forty Niner-ville is destination one for NCAA post season events, even if we end up giving out the hardware and not getting it.

Last add my schedule, this Fall I will visit with those headline-hunting Miami Hurricanes such as novice motorcyclist Kellen Winslow. Emergency room nurses have a nickname for motorcycle drivers; they call them ''Organ Donors.'' Another Hurricane mis-step was by Clinton Portis who stiffed teammate Ifeanyi Ohalete on a deal to buy his number. That reminded Miami writers of Giants punter Jeff Feagles who persuaded Eli Manning to pay for a $12,000 family vacation in exchange for his No. 10, which Manning wore at Mississippi. Feagles switched to No. 17, which has since been bought by Plaxico Burress, who will pay for Feagles' new outdoor kitchen. Feagles is perfectly willing to sell his current No. 18. “I think a golf trip to Ireland or Scotland might be on the horizon,'' he told The New York Daily News.”

Our closing quote is from a UCLA alum who often leaves before the final, whistle, buzzer or batter. "Well, if we can't beat the opponent, at least we can beat the traffic!"—DR. DAN


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