Saturday, May 14, 2005


The electricity in the air on Friday the 13th didn’t have much to do with medieval superstitions. It was more up to date.

If you ask upstart Cal Poly if they came in with any special fear (in the literature it is called “paraskevidekatriaphobia”) they likely would have just mumbled “cesarramos.” In history Friday the 13th is the day that the Knights Templar were said to have been decimated, the time of the great flood, the destruction of Solomon's temple, and the crucifixion. But almost every Friday LB ace Cesar Ramos (now 10-5) decapitates some team and this time CR took a shutout into the ninth. He threw 120 pitches, a career high, but said “I wasn’t tired, I just made a bad pitch and they came and got me.” Maybe Mike Weathers had that para fear because afterward he said, “I just knew that we needed to win this game and that Anderson could do it.”

Anderson did. Five pitches, four strikes and the final out as the No. 12 Dirtbags (now 34-16 and 12-4 in the Big West) beat SLO back to third place with a 2:45 minute 4-1 execution of the No. 19 Mustangs. The live bats were led by Chris Jones who drove in two, Troy Tulowitzki and Danny Mocny, two hits a piece, and oh yes Battling Sean Boatright who fought off a full count in the seventh inning, slapped one into right and is now one hit away from the school-record for consecutive hits, 27, got all he needed early when Tulo and Boatright scored after CP right fielder Jimmy Van Ostrand's throw got away from catcher Kyle Blumenthal. Steve Velazco singled to center to knock in one more and then Jones safety squeezed in another. Velazco closed the contest with a run- saving game-ending dive in the ninth and the drive to be a post-season “host” not “traveling toast” continues.

DUST BUSTERS—the LB team ERA dropped to NCAA best 2.27…chaser Nebraska is 2.48 after a 9-4 win over Texas Tech last night…and this stat from SLO beat writer Brian Milne “the 49ers are challenging a Big West team ERA record that has stood since 1970 when Fresno State compiled a 2.34 ERA:...a warm welcome to all Joes’s on Joe Day…even Baseball America saluted the caped crooner Elvis Joe Ballsinger, he of wig and sombrero, as a star of between innings excitement…come to think of it Lisa Marie looks a bit like him...more name dropping…Anaheim mayor Curt Pringle, who has a darned good NFL stadium plan, is a former student of mine…hope he puts me on the pass list…next weekend DL note...Titan pitcher Ryan Schreppel, fresh off arthroscopic knee surgery, is back and pitching and your editor goes for the same surgery, right knee, Wednesday and is questionable for the CSUF series…speaking of Titans, those NCAA academic stats have been updated and a number of local teams are below the magic 900 minimum number in scholastic progress as follows--Fullerton: baseball (886), men's basketball (750), men's track (867); Irvine: men's basketball (871), men's tennis (884), baseball (892); UCLA: women's basketball (867), football (868), men's soccer (871); USC: men's basketball (771), men's track (879)…in the house Friday night a bushel of big lead brass including former Toronto, Baltimore and Seattle general manager Pat Gillick, Benny Looper -- Mariners vice president, player development and scouting and, missing the Dodger’s sold-out home win, Paul DePodesta, Vice President & GM…ps Paul, Jeff Weaver took a no hitter into the sixth and he has this clone called Jered who would look great in Blue

BWC scoreboard…Pacific 13, Cal State Northridge 6; UC Irvine 3, UC Davis 1; UCSB 10, UCR 9…plus Oregon State 7, Washington 0; Stanford 3, UCLA 2; USC 9, WSU 1…Q & A with the Weatherman--DD-Is this the lineup you will stick with? MW- you know me, I will probably change it. DD- why bunt so much? MW-Olson is very good, that’s why all those guys were here to see him…he doesn’t give you very much DD- It looked like you might have taken a page from Pete Manarino and used that softball style fake bunt and slap? MW-hey did he win today (yes won two) MW you know he’s starting to tick me off…end of interview…you might have heard that Titan coach George Horton was tossed at SLO after a call at the plate…SLO insiders say that wasn’t the reason it was when the ump noticed his very full cheeks he asked if George was using some “dip”, smokeless tobacco…he said yes and they said goodbye…NCAA rule…SLO saved a hotel Thursday night driving down Friday leaving campus at 7 a.m. and breakfasting in Camarillo…easy on the budget--tough on the body—DR. DAN


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