Monday, October 18, 2004


Our cash and Kerry, no hiding in the Bush, notes on the napkin two weeks before you know what.

The “what” of course are the exhibition openers for the ladies and gents of LB basketball who officially broke a sweat last weekend warming up for the exhibition season. The high-hopes-hoop ticket of Larry and Mary (Reynolds and Hegarty) will have to lean on some recycled parts to drive them to post-season.

Oklahoma State transfer Onye Ibekwe looks to be a difference maker for the men and USC transfer ball hawking Aisha Hollans and Colorado State incoming gunner Val Wilhout will try and turn last years too gentle women into lady killers.

Time out for Trivia. What three NHL teams play their home games within 40 miles of each other? Answer at the end.

Back to the present, the log jam atop the Big West volleyball rankings could get even tighter by the weekend after the Niners try and use the home court advantage to go after some visiting BWC leaders Northridge and Pacific Friday and Saturday. Hopefully next year at this time the Ladies of the Spike won’t have to fret the conference matches as much as they have in 2004. The good news is that LBSU has a great incoming class next season, Ali Daley, a 6-0 OH from Grass Valley, CA, Stephanie Tokarz, a 6-4 MB from Kechi, Kan.; Debbie’s daughter Nicole Vargas a 5-8 Setter from St. Joseph HS and Naomi Washington, a 6-3 OH, from New Orleans.

Switching subjects don’t count on unsigned Dirtbag ace Jered Weaver going to the bank until after the World Series since he and a five other top picks are still negotiating. Wade Townsend (No. 8, Orioles), Justin Verlander (No. 2, Tigers), Philip Humber (No. 3, Mets), Jeff Niemann (No. 4, Devil Rays), and Stephen Drew (No. 15, Diamondbacks) are all playing hard ball with the GM’s. Best be is they ink up just before Spring Training begins.

Speaking of fame and fortune, an independent producer is scouring the campus (police department excluded) for materials to include in a 90 minute CBS documentary on the career of ex LB Coach Jerry Tarkanian (1969-1975). “We are searching for film footage, home movies or game broadcasts of his Long Beach State teams….or fans with vivid recollections of those teams.” Word of caution, stay out of the Admin building.

Back to the bases, fall ball scrimmages for the 2005 Dirtbags get underway this weekendat Blair and with free to look contests on Saturday at 2 p.m. and Sunday at 1 p.m. Or there abouts.The same times and place the next three weekends too.

One thing to watch for with the baseball bunch is who’s on two. We get this from our hot stove
league web wizard Jeffrey from his Dirtbag Blog where he says, “It could get real interesting as Coach Weathers decides who will set up behind the plate in 2005. Tito Cruz got a fair amount (though part time) of play last year, including a few games behind the plate and at times looked ready to break out. Chris Jones (now a junior) and David Chamberlain (now a soph.) are
also listed as catcher as is Jordan Struble out of Saddleback.”

And now this from our foreign correspondent Mo Haneef. His fresh from Athens volleyball daughter Tayyiba “is really being treated like royalty in Japan. They have given her an interpreter, a car and a nice place to live.” Mo said that there are only four Americans permitted to play in the Japan Leagues and when Ty and her former Niner teammate Elisha Thomas leave the court and hit the shops they are mobbed by fans.

Trivia answer to our trick question. What three NHL teams play their home games within 40 miles of each other? None. Pro hockey is on strike except our Chilled Chihuahuas (translated Long Beach Ice Dogs). The non-lockout NHL answer is The New York Rangers, New York Islanders and the New Jersey Devils. Fix yourself to a hot dog and kill the light on your way out.-DR. DAN.


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Dr. are too kind! Believe me, NO ONE has ever called me a web wizard before! It's been pure trial and error with Dirtbags Baseball.

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