Monday, April 13, 2009


Wandering out of the second level of the Pyramid Saturday night I noticed that the name plates for the women’s basketball staff were gone but in the big office on the corner Jody Wynn, surrounded by Sesame Street pink plastic storage buckets, two kids and one husband was in, working, and hardly nameless.

Jody had a nice view of her new court and did occasionally look up to see the work of four departing volleyball 49ers, Dustin Watten, Luke Shea, Daniel Fabry and oh, yes, Coach Alan Knipe who soon departs for duties with the US national team. Back to those storage containers, inside was a mixture of coaching notes and day care playthings. Wynn earned her bachelor's degree in exercise science from USC in 1996 and a master's in education from Pepperdine four years later. She then married a fellow Wave assistant. Derek Wynn, and gave birth to daughters, Jada and Kaeli. The little girls seemed at home and will become frequent visitors to Mom’s (and likely Dad’s) new work place.

With the door open and the Coach smiling I decided to sneak in a question or two. “A lot of fans realize that you have no unused scholarships right now but on the web there is talk of rebuilding through bounce backs, transfers, particularly those from California that might even be able to pay their own way while sitting out the required one year. It that in your plans?” LBSU gave her a five year contract but Wynn isn’t the patient type and went to work earlier this week looking over the 7, 8, or 9 seniors who will be “competing from scratch” for playing time this fall. On paper that could be good news for the home team or bad news, if you remember that last year the team was a miserable 8-21 and missed the BWC tourney.

Translated, expect a shorter returning roster before the summer is over, news of some hot juniors to early sign and a few select transfers to announce. When the word of the new look Niners get out, the faithful hope that Jody, husband and kids will have to share her time with emails and phone calls that will make the once storied program go all atwitter again.

LOOKING BACKWARD DUST—Outside of volleyball, last weekend was dismal, especially on the diamonds. Both hard and soft were swept on the road but get a fresh start this weekend back at home. CSUN comes to Blair for a three game baseball series and on Saturday ESPN U will bring their cameras to campus for the softball visit from Santa Barbara.

Next on the national front, No. 1 Texas A&M dropped out of the baseball rankings after losing a weekend series to Kansas State, which was one of four teams to move into the rankings this week. Is this the dreaded parity sweeping through college baseball, three of the newcomers are unfamiliar faces in the rankings. Kansas State and Gonzaga are ranked in the top 25 for the first time ever, while Kansas makes its first appearance since 2006 and our beloved D-Bags are still MIA.

Finally, overwhelmed by all the notes and numbers, I finally trashed that stuff and asked a player parent what happened. From a Dirtbag mom, “Two many five out innings.” Short and simple. Footnote--1988 was the last losing season, 14-45, and 2006 was the year LB finished second in the Big West, (29-27) and missed post-season.

Back to chasing the ball that doesn’t move when you swing, LB native John Merrick through a 66 on the Augusta Master’s course and pocketed $242,813 with a lot of his home course members from Virginia Country club looking on. That is just slightly more than the size of their locker room gin games. Finishing sixth he makes next year’s field as well and will be joined by Niner alum and 1998 champ Mark O’Meara.

Looking for that tennis note, well it is a timely break in action for the Beach who saw there new French star get tripped up walking to the courts at Pepperdine. Healing well we hear and the black and gold will again be heavy favorites at Indian Wells for their umpteenth BWC tourney title.

Last add, there will be some Hard Rain at the Pyramid next month when the 15th version of he DeDe Rossi inspired Jewels of the Night opens its doors for an evening of auction, appetizers, friend and fund raising. The good news is that unlike year on in 1994 the big blue roof has been water-proofed and celebrants will stay dry unless your table has some rowdy celebrants. Now retired, Ms Rossi will hopefully be on had to check out this year’s band and the work of another DD, that being event chair Bruce “Double D” McRae one of the big shots at UPS and a rumored city council candidate. Auction items, food and band info at the event’s web site, May 16, mark the date.—DR. DAN


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