Monday, March 21, 2005


Diplomacy is the art of saying "nice doggy" until you find a large enough rock.

Welcome to another edition of Fullerton Weekend Diamond Dust. Some years we have been acerbic and or sarcastic to the point that even the LBSU gatekeepers fretted about first amendment foibles. Oddly the Titans themselves, from the jovial George Horton to protective Patty Sexton, enjoy the action on the black lines as well as the action inside the white lines.

That gets us to today’s edition and practicing diplomacy--at least until we find that big rock. The Titans (16-4), as the Big West website notes in their every-day-since-Omaha-front-page-wallpaper, did the dog pile in Nebraska last summer are having a great year. The Beach boys (16-9) haven’t had it so easy but have won three series against top 15 teams, most recently a shocking invasion of Wichita State. These games are the so- called friendly series, translated, good for the cash box but do not count in the Big West standings.

IRONIC DUST—Now let me get this straight, Overpaid and ethically suspect Congressmen are investigating overpaid and supplementally suspect major league baseball players. At least our guy Jason Giambi gave honest answers and while he made a mistake using the juice he’s a role model for telling the truth. I hope he has a great year.
In the stands this weekend are a bunch of Taylor Ramsey’s relatives. Who’s he? Grandson of Pat West and a local athlete in the Sweet Sixteen. In Hockey. Tay is a freshmen enforcer for the University of Maine who plays Minnesota up there this weekend.
Don’t expect a battle between women’s hoop coach Mary Hegarty and her tireless Fastbreak Booster prez Art Johnson but Art thinks the team just finished a great season and the FBB’s are throwing their annual way to go party April 13th at the Reef. Mary, you will recall, was quoted as not being satisfied what with losses to UCSB and no NIT invite. One suspects that those topics and the bright future of the team will be served warm along with great chow. Call Art with your reservation at 562-597-6198.

More looking ahead, last year’s women’s volleyball student assistant Liz Hudson is moving on to a paying gig with an Orange County JUCO but here replacement is a famous name, Brittany Hochevar. Britt has had a ton of international experience and is a rising star on the Beach tour and will juggle her playing date-book with Beach practices and I can’t think of anybody else that can instill toughness in a team like BH.

Volley note-Niner Coach Alan Knipe, off of a win in his own tourney, doesn’t brag but he says that his team is getting better because they are blocking better. “Blocking is something that comes after you have played a while and guys begin to figure out where they are supposed to go. It’s all about thinking and reacting.” Translated, the defense is now up with the offense and might just make a little post-season run up to the Final Four at UCLA.

Where are theys-Steve Trachsel, early of the Niners and late of the Mets, is now under the knife for a herniated disk and will miss most of the MLB season.

FINAL DUSTING--When you get a chance it is fun to check out the other team’s broadcasters and KNSS Radio last weekend has a couple of gems. First one was commercial they play just before introducing the umpires, a spot for the local eye doctors. The other gem was listening to WSU skipper Gene Stephenson dance around the first two losses, including a slam at Marco Estrada. “Really just an average pitcher.” Humm, 5-0, 1.94 ERA, guess that’s the kind of average pitching average you like. Now the hitting is average. LBSU had 23 hits over the weekend, but 21 were singles. Let the games begin.—DR. DAN


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