Saturday, February 19, 2005


It was a contest of opposite streaks Friday night. Cal coming in off of two consecutive wins and the Bags after two consecutive losses. Make that three and three, not in favor of the home boys. “Cal looked like we wanted to, they moved runners, got some key hits, had good pitching and took advantage of mistakes”, Mike Weathers would say after a long post-game center-field circle. All that is in the past. The great thing about the grand old game is that you rinse that that losing feeling out of your hair (and your field) and start fresh today.

Game one will feature the Niners secret weapon, (on none of those pre-season all star lists) Marco Estrada makes his fourth appearance with the hopes that he and perhaps Anderson and Jamison can hold the Bears to say, six hits. Whoops been there and done that. Game two will get the first start by much bally-hooed Jared Hughes who was a potential first rounder as a high schooler but still seeking college kudos. The key to victory may be mental-the players need to get over the absence of injured hitters and start moving the metal.

Enough paralysis through analysis how about a brief recap of Friday night. Starter’s Adam Gold and Cesar Ramos had leaky D behind them but the second inning tally by Cal was earned. Six K’s, six hits and one walk in 98 pitches for Cesar. Gold worked seven innings, walking two and fanning three in his 110 hurls. Offensively the Beach was quiet for half a game. In the fifth Hernandez flared one to left where every step soaks your socks but then Ecker fanned before Jose heisted second (salute to Gordy Verrell). Velazco then worked a walk which brought up Chuck who gazed at strike three. Godfrey then got a boot by Holder at first to keep the frame alive for Longoria with a Bag on every bag and finally a turnabout is fair play and Evan knocks in Jose and the Mouse. Once again the Beach gets down early and begins a comeback. Anderson starts the seventh but in the top of the 8th it got scary for BA when a walk and a steal put Errecart in scoring position. Good news a shallow fly was gathered by a flying Fernandez in CF. With six outs still left the Niners still had chances but Bear closing ace Travis Talbott K’ed three in the 8th and another in the 9th and that was all she wrote.

DIAMOND DRY DUST- It was a Cruz decision to go for the force at second that elongated the Bear fourth and would end up costing Ramos two unearned runs…in the right field corner waiting for his cell to ring was former Niner Jered Weaver…bittersweet on the day that pitchers and catchers reported to camp for the Los Angeles Angels…match race I would pay to see, Sean Boatright vs. his gal pal Charlene Deardorff…of course Boats is still recovering from that pulled hamstring while the blonde blitzer recently ran a 7.51 60 meters winning the meet at NAU…Weathers on his defense…”we need to have a great ratio of strikeouts to walks and right now that hasn’t been of Dirtbag quality”…This Wednesday’s Weather Report Radio show from Cirivello’s may bring out the health department since there will be a mouse in the house…that of course is the popular terminator of fly balls Steve Velazco…great job by the Blair crew Friday afternoon with a nice assist from the pumps of Houston Bob and friends who sucked the water over the right field fence before they went to church (AKA the AI) and pumped some amber beverages…Huizar went 2-3 but is still struggling at the plate…the coaches think it’s adjusting to better pitching, reading off speed stuff, seeing better pitchers in D-1 ball…this falling behind stuff is getting to be a pattern, last weekend the Beach went down by five and came back to within a run, by four and came back to within a run and the same last night…could turn a coaches hair grey…or greyer…Tulo’s early analysis of his busted hand—hard to sleep on…more pitchers in the house… two Titans, Ryan Schreppel and Lauren Gagnier had the night off when SC was too soggy…Brian Anderson and Neil Jamison both kept their ERAs perfect with three more shutout innings…All you need to know about the shocking volley loss was that hitting errors (where have we heard that before) killed the comeback.—DR. DAN


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